Welcome to our Library

Our library (a collection of nearly 2,000 books, periodicals, CDs, video and audio tapes and DVDs) serves all who seek comfort or direction in times of crisis, desire to grow in their faith, strive to be more effective witnesses for Jesus Christ, or simply want to enjoy a good book, video or CD!

You can access the library on Sunday morning, or any time the office is open, or when the church is open for events and special activities. Please take time to browse our shelves and discover a world of inspiration,information and entertainment.

The Ralph and Clara
Emerson Memorial Library, established in 1963 by ClaraEmerson as a memorial to her husband and located in the fellowship hall, offers non-fiction, biographies and fiction (arranged according to the Dewey Decimal system).

The reading room houses reference books that include a large collection of Bible editions and a computer displaying the library database, as well as videos, CDs and audiotapes.

The Children’s Library is a newly decorated, cheerful room between the fellowship hall and the nursery. It is an inviting and functional environment. In addition to books, videos, CDs and DVDs for readers from toddlers to teens, a selection of parenting books is located just outside the doorway.

The most recent innovation is “Family Theater.” Videos and DVDs
selected for their appropriateness are displayed in the center shelf of the south wall of the Fellowship hall. Families may check out an entertaining or informative title to enjoy an evening together with wholesome entertainment.

How to find what you need and how long you may keep it
The Emerson Library catalog database is available on a computer in the Reading Room. Items also are listed by subject, author or title in a three-ring binder on the display counter in the Fellowship Hall.

Children’s materials may be borrowed for two weeks, adult books may be kept one month, and all CDs, DVDs and videos should be returned in two weeks. Some reference books may be borrowed for two weeks, while others are not to leave the church building.

How to check out a book,tape, cassette or CD
Remove the card from the pocket at the back of the book or other item. Write the date, including the year, print your first and last name, and include your phone number and/or email address. Place the card in one of the small baskets found throughout the library.

How to return items
Drop your returned items in the slot of the friendly white “book house” in the Children’s library, or in the cabinet beneath the display counter in the Fellowship Hall. Need extra time? Simply contact one of the librarians, or leave a note in one of the baskets, and we’ll make that change on the checkout card.

Growing the collection
“Wish List” forms are available at each checkout station, to help us spend our new books funding wisely. We also welcome gifts of books and other resources. The Library Committee screens each item for appropriate subject matter, relevance, and physical condition before adding it to the collection. Donated books that don’t meet these criteria are offered as giveaways or donated to the Salvation Army or similar organizations.

How to get involved
This library exists for the benefit of the members and staff of First Presbyterian Church. If you love books and library activities, we welcome you to join the committee. There are always jobs to be done, one-time projects or ongoing help. Let us know of your interest.