Meet Pastor Mike

My name is Pastor Mike Herring and I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you. I grew up in a non-Christian home in California but committed my life to Christ while attending a Navigator’s Bible study when I was in the military. This commitment changed the focus and direction of my life. Now as a believer in Christ, I am passionate about how that has changed my life and building relationships in a meaningful way. As a pastor, I am committed to biblical teaching and maturity. As a leader, I am committed to discipleship, mentoring, teaching, and the spiritual development of others.

From 2002-2011, I served as a US Army Chaplain. While a Chaplain in the United States Army I served several chapels as the Preaching Pastor, Executive Staff Administrator, and Teaching Pastor. In these positions I worked in staff development, relevant team building, preaching, teaching, and organizational leadership. These skills were vital for ministering to diverse groups of people in our ever-changing world with the Gospel. I also served in the Army’s Special Operation Command and built trust-based relationships with Soldiers through the shared risk of numerous wartime deployments.

Prior to my time as a military Chaplain I served as a Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Youth Pastor, and as an Executive Director for Youth for Christ (USA). I have since worked on a number of church outreach and revitalization projects and worked closely with the Navigators, InterVarsity, and other parachurch organizations.

My wife Irene and I have three beautiful daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law, six amazing grandchildren, and a cat with an attitude. We enjoy being with our family, board games, watching college basketball, reading, hiking, and anything outdoors in the mountains, on the beach or on the water.

Favorite Food

Biscuits and gravy and chocolate chip ice cream, but not together.

Favorite Place

Wrigley Field and any place with family.

Favorite Books

The Boys in the Boat, Life Together, Pilgrim’s Progress, Institutes of the Christian Religion, The Screwtape Letters, Eight Men Out, Animal Farm, Unbroken, The Age of Eisenhower, Leading at the Edge, Counter Culture, just to name a few.

Most Influential Person

My wife, Irene

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