Sunday School

We have Sunday School for all ages from September thru May.

Sunday School begins October 11!

 Sunday School will be starting up on October 11th at 9:15.  Cindy and Chip Wilson will be teaching Grades Kindergarten through 3 again this year on the third floor of CE Building and look forward to teaching your children more about God’s wonderful Word.   This year David Kolator will be teaching Grades 4 through 8.  They meet on the second floor Samuel Room.  If you need assistance finding the rooms, the teachers and greeters will be happy to help you! Music will start off the hour in the community room; the children will sit on cushions so that they are properly distanced from each other.

As most things are these days, Sunday School will be a little different this year.    Masks will be required for the entire Sunday School period.  Music will start off the hour as usual, however, the children will sit on cushions so that they are apart from each other.  During class time, each family unit will be seated together but be distanced from others.  The church will supply a box of individual markers/pencils for each child to be used each week.

 If you have questions, please feel free to contact Cindy Wilson through the church office, David Kolator at or either Mikyong ( or Daryl Kolator (

For Adults


This discussion group will be meeting in the Lynch Room and will be led by John Wicks.  Adult Sunday school also requires the participants to wear a mask and keep distance from other families. If the room feels too small, the class will be held in the Hometime room instead.

If you are not able to attend Sunday School in person, enjoy these studies to do at home:

By Don Estes

Enjoy this study from one of our elders, Don Estes.  As he says,  “Every emotion that has ever swept across the keyboard of the human soul is recorded in the Book of Psalms.”  Anchor your mind and soul by meditating on this book of the Bible that will relate to wherever you are today.  Click on the link below:

Psalms 42 and 43

Study of The Psalms


Additional Resources for Philippians

Written by Don Estes

If you cannot attend Sunday School in person, Don has graciously provided his in-depth notes on Philippians for you to read and study at home.  What a powerful book to study during this time of adversity!

Simply click on the links below.

Philippians Chapter 4 Study Guide, verses 1-9

Philippians Chapter 4 Study Guide, verses 10-23


Philippians Chapter 3 Study Guide, verses 1-11

Philippians Chapter 3 Study Guide, verses 12-21


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