Sunday School

We have Sunday School for all ages from September thru May.

For Kids

Although we are not currently having Sunday School at the church, the kids’ classes have successfully been meeting through Zoom!  If you would like more information, please contact the church office at 401-847-1749 or send a message through the website.

During the school year, Sunday School classes meet from 9:15-10:15.  We have classes for:

Pre-K to K
Grades 1-3
Grades 4-6
Grades 7-12

Pre-School to Kindergarten, taught by Barbara Ross  1st Floor Pre-School Room in the CE Building

Grades 1 to 3, taught by Cindy and Chip Wilson   2nd Floor of the CE Building


Communicant Class: Preparing Our Young People

for Communion and Membership

The word “communicant” is a very old word that simply means “to share with”. Basically, this class helps our young people get ready to take The Lord’s Supper and to become “communing members” of First Presbyterian Church, which means they will be able to share in the life of the church as professing members. But so much more than that, it helps to confirm their profession of faith, give them assurance of their standing in God’s grace, and give their church family opportunity to rejoice with them in God’s work in their lives.

The communicant class will resume in the fall.  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Herring or the Christian Education Elders Mikyong Kim and Daryl Kolator. 

For Adults

The Psalms

By Don Estes

Enjoy this newest study from one of our elders, Don Estes.  As he says,  “Every emotion that has ever swept across the keyboard of the human soul is recorded in the Book of Psalms.”  Anchor your mind and soul by meditating on this book of the Bible that will relate to wherever you are today.  Click on the link below:

Psalms 42 and 43

Study of The Psalms



Taught by Don Estes

Because we do not have Sunday School due to adhering to the guidelines of social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19, Don has graciously provided his in-depth notes on Philippians for us to read and study.  What a powerful book to study during this time of adversity!

Simply click on the links below.

Philippians Chapter 4 Study Guide, verses 1-9

Philippians Chapter 4 Study Guide, verses 10-23


Philippians Chapter 3 Study Guide, verses 1-11

Philippians Chapter 3 Study Guide, verses 12-21


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